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Meet 10,101 unique, programmatically generated, artistic Moji NFTs Living on the Ethereum Network handcrafted from over 200 unique attributes. Definitely some traits will be less likely to appear on a DegenMoji which will make some of them very rare than the others. We have also designed some extra rare 1/1’s which you may love to get a hold on. And the only way to get lucky with the most rare ones is to participate in our minting events.

The Short Story

DegenMoji got its name from the word De’ Generous Emoji, hang around you will understand where the generous part comes from.

DegenMoji is not just any other PFP project. Don’t get me wrong we love our art, and we believe it’s the most awesome profile pic you can ever have! But the DegenMoji is much more than that. They were intentionally designed to be used in one of the best gamified, interactive, and decentralized social media apps being built with a major focus on rewarding creators, influencers and every other normie Degen for the awesome content they create.


Just think of your favourite emoji and how many times you use it in a day. Imagine that’s an NFT and every interaction with it is a royalty earned by the owner of that particular emoji. Wouldn’t that be awesome? Also just think of the last viral piece of content you created or you wanted to create but it just stayed in your mind (wink face). Think how many people would have been so touched to the extent of paying some money for that, instead of the like or hearty retweet! How cool would that be? That’s exactly the reason why we created DegenMoji. An emoji that can help you extend your generosity to your favourite creators.


As you have already figured out from the above information, DegenMoji is not just any other NFT project, we are building something bigger. That’s why our roadmap will be different from the most common “after such and such %” kind of roadmap on most NFT websites. Our plans are not based on a sell out or a specific percentage of how much we sell. We are working on bigger things as you might have noticed and we won’t stop for anything.

DegenMojis are the coolest NFTs to own because eventually they will be used in one of the most amazing applications to hit the social media space. And when this happens the DegenMoji will be having use cases that will blow your mind. We just put together a rough roadmap to highlight the plan we have so far although somethings are very likely to change as development takes place. To keep up-to date with what we are building, you will have to join our discord server and follow us on twitter.

Phase 1 (October 2021)

Tokenising DegenMojis and having the First Drop plus focusing on building the De Generous Community.

Phase 2

Intergrating DegenMojis into the decentralized Social Media Platform

Phase 3

DegenMoji Babies drop

Phase 4 (January 2022)

Launch of the platform native token. DegenMoji holders will have free airdrops and priority positions.

Release of Beta Version of the platform.

Phase 5

Full release of the platform, and earning of royalties for DegenMoji Holders after enough beta testers are onboarded and confirmation of a perfect platform.

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